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Mobile apps for
churches that connect.


What they want to see, When they want to see it.

Give your members the flexibility to learn and grow at their own pace.

Discipleship when they need it.

With busy work schedules and packed family calendars, being able to easily watch and re-watch messages, worship sets and discipleship tools is a daily priority for growing Christians. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a platform that can quickly provide content for your communities needs.

On Demand
Video & Audio.


Go live to your entire congregation, in minutes.

Go live to your entire congregation, in minutes.

Custom Reactions
unique to your church.

Live Chat during services.

When it comes to having an online presence, engagement is key. It’s not enough to give your members something to watch. They want a community to connect with, not just content to consume. Field Day apps make that possible.

I wanted more than just to share the message online. I wanted a live interactive experience. Field Day provided that.

Tito Diaz


Experiential Prayer tool.

Our prayer tool will bring your members closer to God and closer to each other. Users are able to submit prayers to the entire church and are notified when someone prays for them. They can submit as themselves or anonymously, making it easier than ever to help your community learn the power of prayer. 

Prayer alerts
encourage one another.

Real time prayer alerts connect your community.

More than just submitting a prayer and wondering if anyone is standing in the gap with them. Prayer alerts will help your church community feel encouraged and connected, reminding them they are not alone.

"I decided to post a prayer on my church's app. It was minutes before I started receiving notifications letting me know I was being prayed for. Ever since then been I've encouraging others with prayer."

Happy User


Bulletins just got a big makeover.

Allow guests and visitors to discover all your church has to offer with just a tap and a scroll.

engage your audience.

keep everyone informed.

"Being able to integrate live results in my messages has been so engaging for our church"

Tito Diaz


easily in app.

Manage guest communication across your entire team in one spot.

Connect your community with your team.

We built our messaging tool as a way for your members to easily ask questions to your staff.


Giving connected
to what your already using.

"We didn't have to sign up for another giving service. Giving worked right out of the box."

Nick Keebaugh


Multiple Location Support

Amazing Support

Tailored App Design

Language Compatibility

Podcast Integration

Analytics Reports